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» » Kyev Propaganda As They Lie: History of Stepanovka (photo and video)

Kyev Propaganda As They Lie: History of Stepanovka (photo and video)

Since 9 of August the Ukrainian media talk about the flowery village of Stepanovka with 1000 inhabitants, which was destroyed by "Russians' "Grad". This propaganda wave is still ongoing.

But here is the video, dated 9 of August. Olesya Belozerskaya shows us fighters from Ukrainian Nazis' "Right sector" Corpus in the already occupied by them village of Stepanovka. The village is deserted, destruction everywhere.

Armed by the new Ukrainian government, followers of Hitler's ally Stepan Bandera ideology locate themselves in abandoned yards.

As you can see at the video, Russian-speaking Ukrainian Nazi guides Ukrainian-speaking Olesya through the empty broken village, showing the positions left by the Militia of Donbass (Novorossian fighters).

At 4:38 he says that the village was posted by Ukrainian MRLS "Grad" in the first time. The second time this statement sounds at 6:34, and Olesya repeats saying "By our Grads?", and he confirms that broken tank of militia was destroyed by the impact of the Ukrainian "Grad"s.

So, we have the village of Stepanovka, left by the inhabitants, but held by the militia because of its strategic position in relation to Marinovka and the border with Russia on the one hand, and towards Krasniy Lutch and the district Thorez-Snejnoe-Shakhtersk on the other hand.

Under the blows of the Ukrainian artillery reactive systems militia retreated. But Stepanovka on August, 9, was destroyed by the Ukrainian fire.

The funny thing is that publishing three days after shooting her movie, Olesya Belozerskaya found it necessary to specify that the next day, i.e. on 10 of August, the village of Stepanovka "was destroyed by Russian "Grad".

However, on August, 12, after destroying by sudden outbreake of fire the battery of Ukrainian MRLS "Uragan", Novorossian militia indeed attacked the village of Stepanovka and flew Fascist tropps out of it.

The second video is from one of the Ukrainian soldjers, from 30 mechanized infantry brigade, who talks about their two day long standing in Stepanovka before their panic retreat. His two commanders-in-chief couldn't use maps and following GPS-navigator led the unit to the hands of militia. You can see them at the third video while speaking to those fighters from Slavyansk who had defended their own town from Pro-Fascist forces during two months with small arms only.

The destruction of Donbass in the name of prosperity of the new owners of Ukraine in the person of the oligarchs and the Right sector, meanwhile, continues.

But, as once wrote Igor Strelkov, who has become already legendar as the Chief of Novorossian rebels - it is impossible to lie so and to remain unpunished after such lie.

The photos are made with the views of ruined armaments and vehicles of Pro-Fascist Kyev troops near Stepanovka village.

Kyev Propaganda As They Lie: History of Stepanovka (photo and video)


Kyev Propaganda As They Lie: History of Stepanovka (photo and video)


Kyev Propaganda As They Lie: History of Stepanovka (photo and video)




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