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» » 200 000 People Blocked in a Ghost City - Report From Lughansk (photos, video)

200 000 People Blocked in a Ghost City - Report From Lughansk (photos, video)


Lughansk became the second Pripyat (Chernobyl nearby situated town).

A ghost city, only still inhabited by people. Collapsed buildings, broken shops everywhere funnel and the broken asphalt.

One woman says: "Every day I go out into the yard, I can't believe my eyes: this is the site for filming of a disaster movie! Right on the street lie the body. Their cover sheets and leave on the heat, " says luganchanka Tamara. In the city there is a nasty smell. But six months ago, Lugansk called the city of flowers..."

There is no electricity, water, gas - people cook on fires. No working landline and mobile phone, only a bit of Kiev Star.

No Internet, no newspapers, so people are here out of knowing what's going on.

In stores products have been finished a few weeks before. So medicine drugs. People do not receive pensions, salaries, no social benefits.

If intermittent food still can be tolerated - most have potatoes, the lack of water is dire. To quench their thirst, people draw water from the fountains and even collect moisture after a rain.

"Fountains are already emptied and people poured water from the fire trucks, " - says Lughansk citizen whose name is Oleg. - "Somewhere one can find water wells, but metres deep and with many many people runing to it. And this is dangerous - in the place where the crowd is Ukrainian artillery and some diversants with mortars begin to shoot.

250 thousand people who are still in this regional center several times a day forced to hide in the cellars from the bombing and artillery shelling. Hope that this nightmare will soon be over.

Nobody knows how many people died in Lughansk exactly.

Informally at city hall they say that victims of the fighting are around two hundred. And it is only those who died from shrapnel wounds.


In social networks special groups are created.

Those people who left the city, are now ready to pay any money to the volunteers for them to take care of abandoned apartments, pets and relatives left, especially with whom communication was lost.

"Bought 4 seats in a taxi, to take the kids. Paid the money, 4 thousand. Grandpa had to leave. Had neither money nor places. My grandfather is 84 years old and goes, understands everything, but cannot walk down from the tenth floor. Help us... He has food for a couple of days. We are ready to pay any money," - begs Lyudmila.

Cars on city streets are rarity, fuel consumption in the city over the last month became near the zero level.

Gasoline can be sold only under the counter being imported from the territories took by Ukrainian troops, and then pushing at an exorbitant price.

The prices are fantastic - 50 UAH per liter (140 rubles).

In order to escape from this hell, people prefer to give the last they have.

Taxi drivers take for escaping from Lughansk almost 2000 UAH. You can go for 500, but then you need your own gasoline.
Those who have no money to pay give their jewels and antiques.

If you don't want to go through forests without registration on the Russian border you have to pass through the road block-posts of pro-Kyev forces, mostly from Fascist groupings included by junta into National Guards Corpus.

They allow to leave Lughansk only for women, children and elder persons.

"As for men so national guards examine them thoroughly. Stripped almost naked. Special attention is to shoulders", - warns local resident Gregory. - If there are scuffs, scratches or bruises, better stay at home. You can be considered a terrorist."

Taxi and private transport is not the only opportunity to escape from the danger zone.

Every day early in the morning from the "bus of hope" leaves Lughansk.

There are 24 seats in the bus, and every day there are hundreds who want to escape.

But today you need to sign up for a couple of days at least if you wish to leave the city with this bus.

Driver Volodya, a good-hearted man, says that he traveled and will travel still he is alive.

He takes 70 UAH per person for gasoline to cover.

The man shows the school, destroyed by fire from the side of the Ukrainian army, killing 5 people.

The woman in Lughansk says: "Such cruelty to own people I haven't seen. Come on, I'll show you where we hide... and cry".

A young mother Kate starts to cry: "I Have no food, no money, nothing, I have 2 hungry children at home. I thought that humanitarian aid (Russian convoy blocked at the border by Ukrainians) is already here. How can I return to hungry children without food? Thank you Ukraine - in my house there are hungry children".


200 000 People Blocked in a Ghost City - Report From Lughansk (photos, video)


200 000 People Blocked in a Ghost City - Report From Lughansk (photos, video)


200 000 People Blocked in a Ghost City - Report From Lughansk (photos, video)


200 000 People Blocked in a Ghost City - Report From Lughansk (photos, video)











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