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» » Number of Kyev Junta's Atrocities Increases in Donbass While Its Army is Cracking Down

Number of Kyev Junta's Atrocities Increases in Donbass While Its Army is Cracking Down

Only on August, 28, at least 16 civilians were killed in Donetsk and the surrounding area by junta's forces artillery.

The previous day the whole family of 5 people was burnt in a car alive after shelling from a Ukrainian mortar.

Houses, bakery plants, nurseries and schools are under fire.

Also already the third Orthodox Church was ruined by junta's artillery on August, 23, in Kirovskoye town not far from Donetsk. Several people who prayed there were killed, more then 10 were wounded.

August 24, 2014, upon completion of the Liturgy in the St. Pecherska the Monastery, his Holiness Russian Patriarch Kirill in his speech spoke about this terrible tragedy.

"It is not excluded that aiming in this temple, they were aiming for all of us, in Holy Russia!", - he said and declared this drama should be one more evidence of unreasonable bloodshed which must be stopped as a crime against God.

He claimed all should pray for that.

The same position was announced by Onufriy whi is the new head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Kiev.

He says that the war in Donbass is a bloodshed between brothers but refuses to bless Ukrainian soldiers going there to fight, saying that this is not for a God sake, to fight against people of your own country who want to protect their homes and families.

Contrarily, the Head of the Greko-Catholic Uniat Church in Western Ukraine declares this war to be the right one and condemns those numerous (nine from ten in every region) Ukrainian reservists who avoid proscription and mobilization.

Returning to ongoing bloodshed in Donbass where every day civilian people are killed by Ukrainian troops it must be said also that Kyev junta's forces aim also the Donbass industrial complex which is a very developed one.

Shelling copies, chemycal, metallurgical and mining industry factories and manufactures in the Donetsk area junta provokes not only social but an ecological disaster as well.

Especially putting it together with shelling and diversions again such objects like electricity generating stations and water reservoires.

Novorossian authorities already declared that they have an information about preparing of junta special forces for great diversions especially in the area of Mariupol which seems to be blocked by Donbass army with last junta's military reserve in the region within.

Then the rebels of Donbass would be declared to be guilty as well as junta blames them in destroynig their own cities and towns.



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