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» » Commander in a Mercedes and soldiers in prehistoric helmets: Odessa territorial defense battalion on the verge of a riot (video)

Commander in a Mercedes and soldiers in prehistoric helmets: Odessa territorial defense battalion on the verge of a riot (video)

8th Battalion of territorial defense that is located 17 kilometers from the border with PMR in the Odessa region, is on the verge of revolt — as fighters have no weapons, no equipment, no medicines, no normal power supply, while their commanders indulge in all the pleasures of life.

The volunteer battalion has been near the village of  Petro-Evdokievka for five days. People who volunteered to «defend the homeland» are outraged because they are not being trained, given weapons and are deprived of basic amenities.

They were put through the so-called drills, in which, for example, anti-aircraft gunners visited the training firing range only once and shot 16 cartridges. After that commanders decided that they are ready to fight and sent them to the border — with no weapons or equipment.

«Every night drones are flying over our heads, and they are very close. Everyone knows that offensive can begin any day here, at the border with Transnistria and we have nothing! We do not even have gun-machines. What do they expect from us — to fight with shovels or spoons and knives?», complains the soldier of  anti-aircraft platoon Alexander Bulygin.

Military personnel are living in tents on the bare ground. The military unit where they are deployed has normal buildings, too, but those are occupied by officers.

«It’s been raining for three days, and half of our personnel have fallen sick. We have gone to the medical unit, but all we got was two mint lozenges each. At the same time, we are constantly threatened by the prosecutor’s office. In the kitchen, I have to say, there is also class division. They [officers] have their own menu, and what we get is totally different. The commander arrives in a Mercedes ML. Says that it was an incentive from the government. Bloody hell, its almost $ 85 000, and is given by the state! And we got some vintage helmets, similar were in use in 1965," said Alexander Bulygin.

" We have no more desire or patience to stay like that. We have submitted an application for transfer — either to another unit or to the ATO zone. Because we refuse to sit here. We have just gone to the commander of the unit. He told us: «Keep quiet and bugger off back to your tents». Right now, to put it mildly, everyone is in the revolutionary mood and we shall not take this kind of attitude anymore," he said.

People can’t understand why they are stuck in  rain-sodden tents, as it turns out the army couldn’t care less about them.

Source — timer.od.ua



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