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» » Appeal to the President of USA Barrack Hussein Obama

Appeal to the President of USA Barrack Hussein Obama

Mister President!

There is an ongoing military operation in Donbas against civilian people who expressed their disagreement with Ukrainian authorities in democratic way.

Thousands of civilians were killed or injured during military aggression against supporters of the constitutional reform and defenders of people’s right of self-determination. Prohibited weapons are being used which only makes the plight of Donbas people even worse.

Previously prosperous lands are in ruins because of actions of Ukrainian military forces and illegal armed groups of Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Chemical, metallurgic and coal enterprises of Donbas are destroyed or stopped, and this enterprises provided jobs, salary and content of the budget not only for Donbas, but for the rest of Ukraine.

During the military operation illegitimate authorities in Kiev which seized their power in non-democratic way made a few demonstrative attempts of pacification, but the true reason for such actions was relocating and reinforcing the military forces of “antiterrorist operation” which goal is to completely suppress the opposition represented by Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic.

Our appeals to the international community had no effect. Kyiv’s aggressive and nationalistic propaganda attempts to show us, native people of Donbas, as mercenaries and terrorists, but the real war criminals are on the opposite side.

On behalf of inhabitants of Donetsk People’s Republic we ask you to use your influence on international community and Ukrainian authorities to stop criminal military operation conducted by illegitimate authorities in Kiev against their own people and facilitate international recognition of democratically proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic in the same way as United States government helped Kosovo to be recognized as an independent state.

First Deputy Chairman
of the Council of Ministers
of the People’s Republic of Donetsk
A.E. Purgin


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