Ceasefire in Donbass came into force

The ceasefire in Donbass timed for New Year and Christmas holidays has entered into force at 1:01am Moscow time on December 29. The ceasefire agreement was reached on December 27 during the videoconference of the Contact Group’s subgroup on security.

During its last meeting this year, the Contact Group on Ukraine failed to reach a ceasefire agreement because of Ukraine’s position. Kiev refused to discuss the issue before the December 26 expiration of martial law imposed in several regions, including Donetsk and Lugansk.

As a result, a videoconference on the security subgroup was organized, and New Year ceasefire was agreed. However, Russia’s envoy to the Contact Group reminded that previous experience shows that ceasefire agreements are not always observed. He said he insisted on «introducing unconditional disciplinary responsibility for ceasefire violators.»

The current attempt to enforce ceasefire in Donbass is already the 22nd since the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Before that, back-to-school ceasefire was in force in Donbass. The most successful ceasefire was imposed in 2016, when it was observed for six weeks.


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