Digital Insurance Summit 2020

About Digital Insurance Summit

Your forward thinking in a risk-averse industry has paid off. You understand that today’s insurance customer demands the best customer experience in order to buy your policy and stay. Insurers, insurtechs, brokers, and agencies are finally transforming their business models to make their customers’ lives easier through the use of technology — from on-demand solutions to behavior-based policies to automation to emerging technologies and more. This is where you’ll collaborate with the most innovative and effective digital insurance leaders, tackle your most pressing challenges, and empower yourself as a thought leader in the field.
Digital Insurance Summit 2020
At Digital Insurance Summit, whether it’s an interactive roundtable discussion, case study presentation, panel, or one-on-one Q&A’s, you’ll have the chance to get the solutions you are looking for. You will receive targeted, niche learning opportunities throughout the conference.

We are unique

The Networking: Digital Insurance Summit is focused on providing you with as many new connections as possible. Through fun and interactive networking with every part of the industry you will expand your community with the right people that will help your company and develop your career.

The Content: This is what sets Digital Insurance Summit apart from our competitors. We spend six months conducting research and developing the program. Content is guided by this research, as well as our Digital Insurance Advisory Board, to ensure the conference reflects the latest trends and hottest topics in the industry. If you have a paint point, we have it covered.

Customer Service: Our staff onsite are knowledgeable about the event and the industry. They know what you need and where you can get it. That’s because Digital Insurance Summit organizers are the event staff. We don’t hire temps and part timers to run the show, because the event is our business and delivering a great experience for you is imperative.

If you are interested in quality interactions, content that is specific to your business needs and networking with your peers, attending the Digital Insurance Summit is the best investment you can make. Guaranteed.

Only 15% of Customers Are Satisfied With Their Insurance’s Digital Experience

How are you improving the digital journey for the other 85%? Digital Insurance Summit is the only conference bringing together digital innovators from insurance companies, agencies, brokers, and insurtechs to discuss strategies to acquire and better serve your customers. Your customers need you. The Digital Insurance Summit will give you the strategies and tools to strengthen your brand experience, keep customers loyal, and embolden trust.

Inspiration & Innovation. Only at the Digital Insurance Summit

  1. Built and Designed By You, For You — Learn from an agenda that is 100% focused on your biggest challenges and opportunities. Our content is created through our community of trusted advisors including Nationwide, Metromile, Hippo, AIG, Aflac AF Group, United Health Group, and hundreds of research hours with executives just like you. You’ll leave with your own customer-first digital playbook to navigate your sharpest digital acquisition and CX strategies.
  2. Learn From Those Leading the Way — Get actionable insights to transform your digital customer acquisition and experience. You’ll hear from the trendsetters, visionaries, and trailblazers that are revolutionizing the insurance industry. You’ll gain exclusive, never before seen perspectives on advanced personalization, championing faster digital transformation, the future of the industry’s digital customer experience, and more.
  3. The Most Interactive Digital Insurance Event, Ever — Build connections like never before. Benefit from tons of interactivity with over 10 hours of discussion groups, creative think-tanks, roundtables, and structured networking activities every day. This is your opportunity to develop relationships, make new contacts, and speak «off-the-record» with your peers. You’ll come as an attendee, and leave as part of a community.

All The Major Players in One Place.

You’ll meet with and learn from 200+ C-Suite and Senior insurance executives who drive digital strategies, including those in digital, marketing, technology, product, claims, data, innovation, and operations.


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