DPR dismisses Zelensky demand of Normandy Four signatures on ceasefire control measures

Donetsk, Jul 24 – DAN. The agreements on the package of additional measures to strengthen the ceasefire do not need an approval of the Normandy Four, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

Earlier the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky visited Donbass and said that the package of additional measures to strengthen ceasefire in the region, agreed to on Wednesday by the Contact Group, should be approved by the leaders of the Normandy Four countries.

“It is important to understand that such agreements do not require additional signatures at all, because the key fact is that the written consent to the implementation of these measures by the parties to the conflict – Kiev and the Republics, since these are our obligations,” the statement reads.

Nikonorova expressed gratitude to the mediators of the negotiations – Russia and the OSCE, whose representatives confirmed in writing their support for the new agreements. Zelensky’s words, according to the diplomat, mean the cancellation of the signature of the Ukrainian representative.

“We appeal to the guarantors of the Minsk agreements and the entire international community to exert all possible influence on the leader of Ukraine in order not to allow him to disrupt the agreements on which the lives of thousands of people depend. For our part, we are ready to implement all the obligations asuumed,” she said.

On July 22, the members of the Contact Group approved a package of additional measures to strengthen and control the current ceasefire. These include, in particular, the ban of offensive and reconnaissance and sabotage acts, ban on the use of any types of aerial vehicles, on the use of fire, including sniper fire, on the deployment of heavy weapons in settlements and adjoining territories, disciplinary measures against violators of the ceasefire, establishment of coordination mechanism to respond to violations. The appropriate orders of the military leadership of the DPR, LPR and Ukraine should come into force on July 27. *ot*pp


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