DPR exposes new social media recruitment methods used by Ukraine

Donetsk, Apr 18 – The Donetsk People’s Republic State Security Ministry (MGB) has exposed new methods of recruitment of DPR residents used by Ukrainian secret services, the MGB press service reported on Thursday.

“The DPR MGB has uncovered new forms and methods used by Ukrainian secret services to recruit the Republic’s residents,” the report said. “For example, they use fake social media pages imitating the webpages of law-enforcement agencies such as the MGB.”

The information, including sensitive data, is gathered from the misled residents’ reports on law-breaking or applications for jobs. Also, the MGB ascertained that Ukrainian secret services had been using psychological pressure, blackmail and threats against DPR residents. They publish provocative information on social media to mislead the Republic’s population.

The MGB said that all authentic information was available on the Ministry’s official website and that applications from residents were taken in accordance with the established procedure. The MGB does not use any social media for publishing information or taking applications.*jk


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