DPR is not talking next swap until legal clearance of detainees is completed

Donetsk, Jan 31 – DAN. DPR representatives in the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group are not going to discuss the POW exchange until the legal clearance process is completed, said DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

“The swap carried out on December 29, 2019 can be considered completed only after the completion of legal clearance procedures. Unless the process is completed there’s no room for a new exchange,” she said.

The members of the subgroup agreed at the meeting on January 29 that the legal clearance is a necessary stage of swaps.

The latest in the series of POW swaps took place on December 29, 2019 on the “124 for 76 basis”. DPR received 61 people. The exchange was brokered at the Normandy Four meeting in Paris on December 9. *ot


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