Kiev keeps avoiding implementation of Minsk-2 – Nikonorova

Donetsk, Feb 12 – DAN.  Ukrainian authorities have been sabotaging the Minsk process for the five years since the Package of Measures was signed, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

“Summarizing the five years since the Package of Measures was signed, there is no way we could positively assess the implementation thereof. Ukraine, both under Poroshenko and current authorities, has been choosing the tactics of a maximum possible protraction and sometimes a straightforward sabotage of its obligations under the Agreements,” Nikonorova   said in her comment made available to DAN.

She said that article 13 alone might be considered fulfilled of all the agreement, as it stipulates the establishment of four working groups within the Contact Group to intensify its work.

“But we do not see any intensification: all our suggestions on the Agreements implementation are either ignored by Kiev or distorted to change the meaning of the documents signed in Minsk.”

Nikonorova pointed out some achievements on the way to the peace settlement: two major POW exchanges and the reduction of the number of shelling incident, coordination of the Steinmeier’s formula, etc.

The Package of Measures to implement the Minsk Agreements was signed on February 12, 2015. *ot


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