Makeyevkoks receives first license for manufacturing hazardous chemicals

Donetsk, Nov 29 – DAN. Makeyevkoks plant has received first DPR license for manufacturing hazardous chemicals, the State Committee on Ecological Policy and Natural Resources said.

“Experts of the licensing center have issued a license for manufacturing hazardous chemicals to the Makeyevkoks Branch No.7 of the Vneshtorgservis; the list of hazardous substances is defined by the DPR Government. This is the first enterprise to receive this kind of license.”

An enterprise willing to be licensed to produce hazardous chemicals should file formal application with the State Committee of Ecological Policy.

Makeyevkoks coke and chemicals plant used to be a supplier of Makeyevskiy metallurgical plant named after Kirov. Currently it is a part of the Vneshtorgservis company and produces, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds. Its maximum monthly capacity is 100 thousand tons of bulk coke.*ot


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