McCarthy, Other Top House Republicans Reelected To Leadership Posts For Next Congress

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., a close ally of President Trump’s was reelected as the top GOP leader for the next Congress after his party made unexpected gains.

J. Scott Applewhite/AP

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J. Scott Applewhite/AP

How The GOP Defied Expectations Down The Ballot

The GOP elections were held in-person at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill Tuesday afternoon. Democrats are holding their leadership elections over two days this week remotely.

Cheney said the conference is focused on expanding on its gains in future years.

«The feeling in the room, and the enthusiasm and the excitement about where we are and about the hard work ahead of us, with the momentum and energy to get that work done has been really remarkable,» Cheney said. «We have a tremendous class of incoming members.»

McCarthy conceded that Republicans will remain in the minority, but with more influence over floor action.

«We may not be able to schedule the floor, but we are going to run the floor,» he said.

Scalise said it’s been a «battle» fighting for legislative efforts in the minority, but many issues remain to be addressed in the new Congress. In the coming months, Scalise said it’s key to get another coronavirus relief package moving, however that’s been stalled as both parties struggle to reach a deal.

«We’re not going to stop fighting,» Scalise said. «We’re going to continue battling.»

House Democrats blame Senate Republicans for inaction on additional aid, pointing out that they passed multiple packages in recent months that have not moved in the upper chamber.

McCarthy on Tuesday also highlighted President Trump’s role in House races, saying he has helped GOP candidates.

«I think the president — regardless of whether he’s president again or he’s citizen Trump — I think he will continue to play a part in this nation,» McCarthy said. «I look at the number of members who got elected, they got elected under President Trump… And we expanded the party.»

McCarthy and other congressional Republicans have supported Trump’s false claims that he could overturn the election’s results showing President-elect Joe Biden’s win. Trump has yet to concede to Biden.

Still, McCarthy bets Trump’s influence will help grow the GOP in the future.

«So how’s the party going to look different? It’s going to look broader. It’s going to reach more people than it reached before,» McCarthy said.

On Tuesday, House Republicans also reelected Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer for another term as chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee. And Alabama Rep. Gary Palmer will also remain in his role as the party’s policy chair.

This, as Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson won election as vice chair for the House conference, and North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson will be its secretary.


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