Morozova: Ukrainian draft law on internment is nazi-style

Donetsk, Nov 13 – DAN. Ukrainian law concerning POW and internment within a certain timeframe will lead to establishment of concentration camps for Russian nationals, DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova said.

Ukrainian cabinet of ministers introduced a bill to the Parliament to allow temporary internment of nationals of an agressor state or a state that threatenes with an attack for the period of military action. The bills empowers the HQ to intern POW, while security service is tasked with locating such nationals.

“The internment bill, or on firceful relocation, of Russian citizens, presented to the Verkhovnaya Rada, is a testimony of the genocidal policy, a blunt attempt to eradicate those who speak, think and live in Russian,” Morozova said.

According to her, the bill, if passed, will legalize concentration camps. Moreover, the draft law does not include provisions for appealing SBU and HQ decisions as they will be made outside the court.

The initiative also violates the 1949 Geneve convention relative to the protection of civilian persons and other international laws on civilian and political rights of civilians during a war.

“Such legal initiatives remind of the Nazi Germany and its racist laws aimed at isolating Jewish population,” she said. “It perfectly reflects Kiev’s attitude towards Donbass residents.”*ot


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