Most Ukrainians feel kinship with Russians, says Kremlin spokesman

Many Ukrainian citizens still hold a deep fraternal affinity with Russians and have nothing to do with the Russophobic policy pursued by the current Ukrainian authorities, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during the Bolshaya Igra (Big Game) program aired by Russia’s Channel One

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin was «very consistent in his policy of differentiating between the Russophobic Ukrainian authorities and the Ukrainian people.» «The more so since a sizeable part of this people continues to have fraternal feelings towards Russians,» Peskov stressed.

When asked about the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin spokesman assured that Russia «would have to support the people of Donbass, who were rejected by their own country, by all available means and against all the odds.»

Peskov recalled that Kiev had refused to pay pensions and welfare benefits to Donbass residents, to supply medicines and so on. «The Russian Federation has picked up this baton, and it will continue to provide that support,» he concluded.


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