Nobel Prize In Physiology Or Medicine Awarded To Discoverers Of Hepatitis C Virus

A Nobel Prize gold medal seen during the manufacturing process in the Swedish Mint. The medals, presented to each laureate, are made of 18 karat recycled gold and weigh 175 grams (6.13 ounces). The Economics medal weighs 185 grams (6.48 ounces).

Markus Marcetic/Courtesy of Myntverket (Swedish Mint)

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Markus Marcetic/Courtesy of Myntverket (Swedish Mint)

Harvey Alter of the National Institutes of Health, Michael Houghton of the University of Alberta and Charles Rice of Rockefeller University were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

The 2020 Nobel Prizes bring a cash award of 10 million Swedish krona ($1.12 million), which is shared if more than one laureate is named.

As is customary, the announcement was made in Stockholm. The Nobels in physics, chemistry, literature and peace will be awarded this week, and the prize in economics will be awarded next Monday.

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