Proposed appointment of ex Party of Regions member as premier means “Maidan” was a failure – opinion

Donetsk, Feb 27 – DAN. The very discussion over the proposed appointment of former Party of Regions deputy chairman Sergey Tigipko as premier shows that the post-Maidan policy was a complete failure, Donetsk Republic social movement Central Executive Committee chairman Alexey Muratov said on Thursday.

On February 25, Ukrainian media outlets reported that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was considering replacing Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk with Sergey Tigipko and that he had already met with the latter. The next day, Zelensky confirmed his meeting with Tigipko.

“Zelensky confirmed that he is having these talks as well as the fact of meeting with Tigipko,” Muratov said. “Thus, he acknowledged not only his own fiasco, but also the failure of the whole “maidan.” The total of external and internal factors shows that if Ukraine does not make resolute moves anytime soon to change the course and the policy it is implementing, it will face destruction and break-up with unpredictable implications.”

“Zelensky’s team showed that they were unable to cope with the tasks to manage the country. Apparently, the western puppet masters are aware of it, since they allowed Zelensky to look for candidates from among politicians with extensive executive experience to replace incumbent Goncharuk,” he said.

Sergey Tigipko was deputy prime minister of Ukraine in 1997-1999 and 2010-2012. He was head of the National Bank in 2002-2004 in the government led by 4th Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich. During the presidential election, he headed Yanukovich’s election headquarters. In 2012-2014, Tigipko was deputy head of Ukraine’s Party of Regions. After the government overthrow in 2014, he quit the Party. Tigipko ran in the 2010 and 2014 presidential elections.*jk


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