TikTok Sensation: Meet The Idaho Potato Worker Who Sent Fleetwood Mac Sales Soaring

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Nathan Apodaca’s TikTok video, in which he longboards to Fleetwood Mac’s «Dreams,» has catapulted him to viral fame. Here, he is standing in the pickup truck given to him by Ocean Spray. In his video, Apodaca sips from a bottle of Ocean Spray’s Cran-Raspberry juice.

Ocean Spray

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Ocean Spray

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Fan donations have poured in. He will put them toward a down payment on a home. Right now, he’s living in an RV in Idaho Falls, where he doesn’t even have running water. To shower and use a bathroom, he goes to his brother’s house nearby.

He still has the potato warehouse job. There is, however, something new in his life: a publicist. Unsure how enduring his moment in the TikTok limelight will be, he’s taking a couple of weeks off to see.

«Just a week or two,» he said. «But I told my boss I’ll be back probably sooner.»

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