Ukrainian army violates ceasefire 21 times in a week

Donetsk, Jun 19 – DAN. Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire more than 20 times over the past week, DPR People’s Militia HQ said.

“Over the past week, Ukrainian armed formations violated the ceasefire 21 times,“ the report said. “The enemy fired 176 rounds, including 80 rounds of 82 mm and 122 mm caliber, 96 grenade launcher rounds targeting 12 townships.”

The commanders responsible for the shelling incidents were identified as: Valery Gudz, Nikolay Palas, Anatoly Mishanchuk, Alexander Lutsenko, Alexey Maistrenko, Oleg Goncharuk and Vasily Zubanich.

On Friday morning Kiev forces launched attacks on Gorlovka and Donetsk directions injuring a Gorlovka civilian and destroying a pumping station; houses and PTL were damaged in Donetsk. *ot


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